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Cross Country brings broadband internet to your home, even when you’re off the beaten track.

RuralConnect Internet


  • + $99.95 One time installation fee

** Prices subject to change without notice

No cable in your area? No problem! This is a great solution for someone who would otherwise have no access to a broadband internet connection, without tying up the phone line or incurring the cost of an additional phone line.

Wireless can go where other internet technologies can’t. Wireless Internet is perfect for providing service to many areas of The Annapolis Valley not presently served by high speed internet. Best of all, it’s less expensive than satellite delivered internet, and much faster than dial-up services!

Due to the nature of this wireless rural internet service, speed and signal strength may vary at your location. Speeds are not guaranteed.

We cannot support or recommend using this service for video streaming, online gaming, or critical applications. Not suitable for working from home.