FibreConnect Phone

Includes voicemail, caller id, call waiting and many other features. Best of all, keep your existing phone number and directory listing.

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FibreConnect Telephone

Save money with a FibreConnect TV or Internet Package. Save even more with all three!


When package bundled with both:

  • FibreConnect TV
  • FibreConnect Internet

** Prices subject to change without notice


When package bundled with:

  • FibreConnect TV or
  • FibreConnect Internet

** Prices subject to change without notice


As a standalone Service

** Prices subject to change without notice

Long Distance Packages

  • $4.95/Month for 300 long distance minutes
  • $9.95/Month for 750 long distance minutes
  • $19.95/Month for 2000 long distance minutes
  • $0.06/Minute without a package

*Canada & the Continental US

Phone Access Codes Reference

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Access voicemail at home
Default voicemail password
Access voicemail while away
Call home phone, when voicemail answers, press *, then enter password
Call forwarding
*72, then phone #
Disable call forwarding
Call forwarding when line is busy
*90, then phone #
Disable call forwarding when line is busy
Call forwarding when not available
*92, then phone #
Disable call forwarding when not available
One time caller ID block
*67 before making the call
Set # of rings
*94, then # of rings, then press #
Call back

Voicemail Reference

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Voicemail service is included with all Cross Country phone lines. This feature allows callers to leave messages during times that the phone is in use or a customer is away.

To access Voicemail

  1. Pick up your Home Phone and dial *98.
  2. You will then be prompted to enter your password. The default password is 48450239.

To access Voicemail remotely

  1. Call your Home Phone line and when the Voicemail answers, press *.
  2. Enter your password. You will now have full access to your Voicemail.

To set your Voicemail greeting

  1. After accessing your voicemail, press 0.
  2. Press 1 to record your unavailable message. Alternatively, press 2 to record your busy message.
  3. Follow the system prompts to save your greeting.

To change your Voicemail password

  1. After accessing your voicemail, press 0.
  2. Press 5 to change your password. Follow the system prompts. You will need to enter your new password twice for ensure accuracy.

Checking Voicemail messages

  1. If you have a message waiting, you will hear a stutter tone when you pick up your phone. If your phone is appropriately equipped, the message waiting indicator will light up.
  2. After accessing your voicemail, press 1.
  3. Any new messages will play. During playback, the following options are available:
    1. Press # to fast-forward message by 3 seconds, Press * to rewind message by 3 seconds.
    2. Press 1 to skip the Caller ID information.
    3. Press 0 to pause message.
    4. Press 0 again to un-pause message.
    5. Press 4 to go to previous message.
    6. Press 5 to repeat current message.
    7. Press 6 to go to next message.
    8. Press 7 to delete current message.
    9. Press 9 to save the current message (ie. to save as a new message for another user to access later).