Create your own phone, television, and internet bundle and save!  Save money with a FibreConnect TV or Internet Package. Save even more with all three. Call 902-678-2395 or email today to start enjoying!


Digital Cable, 50Mbps Internet & Home Phone
$99.95/Month (+HST) for first 6 Months

Digital Cable & 50Mbps Internet
$84.95/Month (+HST) for first 6 Months


Cable TV

Digital Cable starts you off with a wide selection of channels for only $37.95/month. Then, choose one or more Add-On packages to suit you! Regular installation is $35 and includes two outlets (additional outlets are $15 each).

Add Digital Theme Packages
1 – $5.95/month
3 – $11.95/month
6 – $18.95/month
8 – $22.95/month
10 – $25.95/month
11 – $ 28.95/month



  • $22.00/Month with FibreConnect TV (cable) and FibreConnect Internet
  • $28.00/Month with either FibreConnect TV (cable) or FibreConnect Internet
  • $34.95/Month as a standalone service


FibreConnect Internet

FibreConnect 25
25 Mbps down x 10 Mbps up
$64.95/month (+ $3.95/month for optional WiFi)

FibreConnect 50
50 Mbps down x 30 Mbps up

FibreConnect 100
100 Mbps down x 30 Mbps up

Save $10 with a FibreConnect Internet + Digital Cable Package!


CableConnect Internet

CableConnect 5
5 Mbps download – 0.5 Mbps upload $55.95/month

CableConnect 10
10 Mbps download – 1 Mbps upload $61.95/month

Wireless modem $2.95/month

Save $8/month with Cross Country’s CableConnect Internet + Cable Package. Call 902-678-2395 or email today to enjoy and start saving!