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Download your Cross Country Channel Grid and Theme Pack Selection
Download your Cross Country Digital Channel Line-up

Enjoy our 11 Theme Packs, amazing quality, reliable service, and affordable pricing! Digital Cable starting as low as $37.95.

Digital Theme Pack Packages
1 – $5.95/month
3 – $11.95/month
6 – $18.95/month
8 – $22.95/month
10 – $25.95/month
11 –  $28.95/month

Digital Cable*

If you’re looking for more than what basic cable can offer, Digital programming allows for a much larger selection of channels and features. High-definition and movie channels are just some of the add-ons available with our digital cable service.

Through the use of a digital cable receiver, which easily connects to almost any television, you are open to a world of new channels and features not available through a traditional analog service.

The interactive channel guide makes channel surfing a snap – no more waiting for your channel to scroll by! Instead, skip right to it with your new Digital Cable remote!


    • 1 HD receiver included at no extra charge
    • 2 month free preview of all 11 Digital Theme Packs
    • 2 month free preview of five Movie Choice channels, two MoviePix channels, plus SuperChannels
    • Interactive Program Guide and Parental Control
    • Digital quality picture and stereo sound (Dolby 5.1 available on Movie Choice channels)
    • No weather-related reception problems

Get 2 months of digital theme packs free when you sign up!
*Starting at $37.95.

High Definition Receiver and Digital Video Recorder

The DCX34000 High Definition Receiver and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is just the thing for pausing, rewinding, and replaying live or recorded broadcasts, or recording one show while watching another.  This High Definition (HD) quality device captures all the image and sound quality you appreciate!


    • Record hours of SD and HD content
    • Dual Tuners and HDMI output for enhanced 100% digital picture
    • Easily connects to your home theatre system and surround sound
    • Picture -in-Guide lets you search the guide while watching a program

To enhance your viewing, buy or rent this amazing digital accessory equipment.* Call  902-678-2395 or email today!

DCX 700 HD Digital Cable BoxDCX 700
HD Cable Box MPEG-2/ MPEG-4
2 Year Warranty
Lifetime Warranty
DCX 3400 HD DVR Cable BoxDCX 3400
HD DVR Cable Box MPEG-2/ MPEG-4
2 Year Warranty
Lifetime Warranty

*Prices are subject to change. There is a system access fee of $1.95/month for each purchased receiver.